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Dynamic Schma on files

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How to achieve dynamic data type schema in Talend Open Studio 6. I am aware that this feature is available in Talend Enterprise edition but I want logic to get this in open studio . Thanks in advance.





Re: Dynamic Schma on files

Well, you code in Java and read your schema at the input and then your schema at the ouput and map in code using the name of the columns.  Nothing magical here.  Our dynamic data type just do all that extra work of wrapping this complexity and generating the code for you.

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Re: Dynamic Schma on files

In edit schema of the tFileinputdelimited component , I have to mention the column name right ?

Without knowing number of column in my file . how will I define in the edit schema

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Re: Dynamic Schma on files

It's almost like it's complex enough to warrant a paid product in the marketplace...

Re: Dynamic Schma on files


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