Dynamic Schema

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Dynamic Schema

We have requirement where we need to process and load a file without column heading and may be field seperater  for all column also will not there for each row.


For exampleSmiley Frustrateduppose we have table TAB1 with five coulmns and following input files need to load into that table.

Input File :





If you see third row is not having complete data and field seperator .As we have five columns thus four feild seperator is must to maintain data for each columns.

If we process this type of file with DYNAMIC schema (bec we need to process so many files and not sure about file structure) then we are getting error.


However,once we correct the input file and provide all database column names as header and complete third row data with filed seperator then that file process successfully.


So we need assistance to process this type of file where column heading will not exist and data and field seperator also will not exist for each column.

Please assist ,How to load this type of file with DYNAMIC schema type.




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Re: Dynamic Schema

do not use dynamic.
use one string then parse data in db side.
you cannot know format before inserting if's not define by the first line.

if you want to use dynamic you have to manage number of columns manually. adding column and restarting after each error or read to define number of columns and one to load.

Francois Denis

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Re: Dynamic Schema

ok,Will Try.

So ,just to know,below mentioned two observation related to dynamic schema is correct ?

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