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Dynamic Schema for TOracleInput

I have a task similar to this post: but the difference is the initial data is coming from a query as well.
I managed to get everything i need up to the TJava Component. However, since the resulting QUERYTEXT will require a dynamic schema, i am getting an error when i use this as the query in TOracleInput component.
is there any other component that can meet my needs?
We have Enterprise edition in our company and i saw this post:
If you are the user of Talend Integration Suite, you can contact with support team and get TalendIntegartionSuite_Studio_UG.pdf.
In the document, you can find a chapter called "dynamic schema" which will show you instruction and scenarios.
While we are waiting to get this document, do you have any additional inputs how i can continue my task? Thanks!
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Re: Dynamic Schema for TOracleInput

Hi Pedro,
Whats the error you are getting?