Dynamic Schema Pivoting to Key-Value Pairs

Say you have a list of tables, each with different structures. All you know is which field is the primary key for each table.


Use the attached Job to:

  • Iterate through your table list
  • Read each table using dynamic schema
  • Pivot to key-value pairs (plus original primary key and some row metadata)

This particular solution does the pivot whilst streaming data from the source, avoiding having to hold a large amount of data in memory or use an iteration per row.




Job is for version 6.4.1

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Can someone explain how the Primay Key is passed her.

I am trying to build a job something like below toracleconnection----->tOracleTableList--->tmap-->toracleoutput

I am passing the data using dynamic schema....to an extent I was successful but the real challenge for me here is the job is getting failed as the output component is expecting a primary key to insert/update the data.....

Can someone please help me on this.

thanks in advance!!!

Community Manager

Hi param123,

You will get more responses if you ask your question on one of the discussion forums, or for technical support, please see 



Hope that helps,