Dynamic Datasource alias on tOracleOutput

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Dynamic Datasource alias on tOracleOutput

I have REST service designed which captures a json message and publishes into Oracle database. All Datasources are defined in datasource-oracle.xml and this file is deployed into /runtime/deploy/ . On tOracleOutput component I've defined datasource alias as a context variable rather than directly specifying the actual value defined in "datasource-oracle.xml". When I deploy the service the bundle of my REST service job stays in Graceperiod and says it is trying to resolve the osgi.jndi.service.name  for datasource context.jdbc_value.


the bundle stays in same status for sometime and then goes into failure. But if I specifically input the actual value into datasource alias everything works. Is there any way to dynamically pass the datasource alias and make it still work..??



Re: Dynamic Datasource alias on tOracleOutput


Could you please take a look at this component tContextLoad which is used to load a context from a flow.

Here is online component reference:TalendHelpCenter:tContextLoad and related scenario:TalendHelpCenter: Scenario: Reading data from different MySQL databases using dynamically loaded con...

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