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Dynamic Creation of Objects

Hello everybody

I'm working on a project of multi-model framework creation

and i need to know if it is possible how to create or to add an object to  my job (ex: tlogrow or tinputdelimitedfile) without drag and drop

I mean with java code using tjavarow

please help

thank you very much


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Re: Dynamic Creation of Objects

I don't think so (in fact I'm quite sure you cannot).
When you drag&drop components you "generate" Java source code which is compiled later when you build the job (or run in the studio).
How do you expect to change the byte code at run time?

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Re: Dynamic Creation of Objects

We can't create object dynamically in talend job. After dragging the components, its code compiled while building/running the job.

However we can create job script which can be made of one or many components linked together.
Read the Talend help guide for creating Job script:

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Re: Dynamic Creation of Objects

hi mks02

thank you very much

i think that the scriptjob will be very helpful forme