Dynamic Context variables

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Dynamic Context variables

Hi All,


I want to create Context variables Dynamically without using Context Group in job. Can any one help on this.




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Re: Dynamic Context variables


Hi @karthik_T,


If you want to assign values dynamically to a context variable , then the only option is to create these variables in the context tab of the job. Create a variable, assign the type and leave the values blank.

From your job assign values using tjava component like this

context.yourContextVar = "theValueToBeAssigned";

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Re: Dynamic Context variables

You could also load the context values from a text file or a database table using tFileInputDelimited or tDBInput-------> tContextLoad. This will dynamically load / modify the active context values.

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Re: Dynamic Context variables

along with above options you also have implicite context option to load at run time.

Abhishek KUMAR
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Re: Dynamic Context variables

Hi   dipanjan93,


I want to declare the context variables without using context tab or context group.



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Re: Dynamic Context variables

I don't think it is possible in Talend. All you could do is hard code the values. Context variables just acts as an alias name in Talend as far as I've used them.

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