Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

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Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS


I´m trying to make and Input and Output Excel, i already created a metadata containing the headers i need, but when i enter the Sheet with data, containing just a few fields they only were syncronized by Position of Columns


This Metadata:
Name |    E-mail    | Telephone 

A        |      B          |   C



Sheet File Input:

Name |   Telephone 
John   |   212121

Doe    |   212121


And the result of tLogRow is

Name | E-mail

John   | 212121
Doe    | 212121

What i think its happening is the Talend only match the columns using his position

For an example:

Position A1(Metadata) to Position A1(Sheet)

Does not match by Column Name

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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Well i am also new to this and need all the help regarding this. After reading your problem i found out that this would have been my case some days later.

Thanks in advance for any guide.


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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Use the below logic -

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 5.27.11 PM.pngJob LogicScreen Shot 2018-12-15 at 5.27.37 PM.pngSchemas for tFileInputExcel and tFilterColumnsScreen Shot 2018-12-15 at 5.27.58 PM.pngOutput


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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Thanks for u repply


But what i want, is not exactly what u show

U are inputing a file that has all the three fields
Name, Email and Telephone


I want to input a file only contains Name and Telephone (containing the metdata with the three fields)

Best Regards

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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

For an example:

This is the metadatafile used for Schema


This is the input file in Excel



And the ouput using tMap should be like



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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Could you please throw some more light about your use case?


And if that's the case why have you used Email in your metadata. You could just remove it and everything works well as per the expectation.

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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Because i want to build a JOB what i can re-use them all the time.

For example: each month i receive a Excel Plan containing like 60 Columns of Data
In Month 1 i receive
Name, Telephone, Email, Function, ...
In Month 2 i can receive
Name, Email, Function, XYZ, ....
In Month 3 i can receive
Telephone, Name, Function, Email, ....

And i will have to bring a new metadata ALL THE TIME i receive the new Excel Plan
I dont want it. I want to set a singular Metadata, and automatic change the Input File of the Month using tFielList, and run the Job and extract the fields what i need. ignoring the new ones and ignoring if the position of data change along the months
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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

The Name and Phone fields available in every month file?

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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS

Hello, I really dunno, can appear in every month file ou may be not. But i think it will appear in every month file, but can change the position of these fields

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Re: Dynamic Content of Sheets XLS



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