Durable subscription for tMomInput

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Durable subscription for tMomInput

Hello all,
is it possible to use a durable topic subscription for ActiveMQ messaging using tMomInput?
business case:
- have an application sending data to ESB over an ActiveMQ JMS topic
- a job subscribed to the topic (we use the tMomInput) receives the messages and process them
- if the job is not active (stopped, reinstalled, ..) the messages sent until the job is started are not processed (they are lost)
There may be several other parties interested in the message so we want to use a topic instead of queue, but I found no obvious way to make the job a "durable subsciber" to the topic. Is there any less obvious way?
Thank for any hints

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Re: Durable subscription for tMomInput

Hi Gabriel
I'm not sure about this.
But Talend ESB Container may help you deploy the job.
Does anybody know more about this?
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Re: Durable subscription for tMomInput

Hi Pedro,
I we are using the Karaf runtime (5.0), so the "downtime" is "not likely to happend", but it is far from to be considered a realible messaging Smiley Sad So far we could use a queue, but I'd place a feature request for this option (and if I will have time maybe I could implement it too). Another workaround - seems Camel JMS supports the option (durableSubscriber). But thank you for your efford,



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