DuplicateProjectException when run mvn package

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DuplicateProjectException when run mvn package


I try to build my Talend Cloud API Services Platform but I encounter this error:

org.apache.maven.project.DuplicateProjectException: Project 'Job A' is duplicated in the reactor

Talend generates a pom structure like this:

Parent pom:
    <Module>Job A<Module>
    <Module>Service A<Module>

Job A pom:
// no reference to other module

Service A pom:
    <Module>Job A<Module>

Any idea?


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Re: DuplicateProjectException when run mvn package

I just recognised no need to build the whole project but the subproject. In Talend, you create jobs, services, route, and they are separated java projects. If they will publish somewhere you need to upload the job, service, route, not the whole project. So, I need to run the build flow on the job, service, route. So I need to point on the job's -also service, route, etc...- pom.xml not the parent project's pom.xml.
So you can avoid this error above, if you build the modules separate.

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