Duplicate entry 'XXXXXX' for key 'PRIMARY'

When I need to combine/append 2 tables together, i encounter below error:
Duplicate entry 'MD1209573642' for key 'PRIMARY'.
How to solve this problem? Any one know?
Benjamin Marcus
Community Manager

Re: Duplicate entry 'XXXXXX' for key 'PRIMARY'

The column is a primary key, the value "MD1209573642" already exists in table. How to solve the problem? It depends on your request, you have two choice:
1. Check the option 'die on error' on the output DB component, the job throw the exception and dies.
2. Uncheck the option 'die on error', the problematic rows are rejected into the reject flow and the job continue to process next row. Link a reject data flow after the output DB component, you will get all the problematic rows. For example:
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