Downloading files using BOX API

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Downloading files using BOX API

Hi Team,


I am trying to download file via BOX API.

Through Box API I am able to get access token when I do a post request.


But when I am trying to download file from the folder path which I gave it is throwing error as below:BOX.PNG

[INFO ]: 2017-04-26 12:36:56,532 enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API - TalendJob: 'Call_Box_API' - Start.
[statistics] connecting to socket on port 3382
[statistics] connected
[INFO ]: 2017-04-26 12:36:56,610 enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API - tBoxConnection_1 - Start to work
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
The method getBoxFolderRecursively(List<String>, BoxFolder, BoxClient) is undefined for the type Call_Box_API

at enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API.tBoxGet_1Process(
at enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API.tBoxConnection_1Process(
at enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API.runJobInTOS(
at enterprise_big_data.call_box_api_0_1.Call_Box_API.main(



Any help is much appreciated.



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Re: Downloading files using BOX API

Hi All,


I also have similar requirement to get the data from box.Can anyone help on this please.




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Re: Downloading files using BOX API

I haven't been able to successfully pull data from Box API v2 using the tBoxConnection. In your example are you using a developer access_token? Or is the tBoxConnection component working for you? What I ended up doing was creating a JWT subjob that signs a JWT payload and handles the authentication. Then I just use tRest components to request various endpoints listed here I am assuming that tBoxConnection has not been updated to work with Box API v2. Can anyone confirm this?


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