Displaying data between 2 dates (URGENT PLEASE)

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Displaying data between 2 dates (URGENT PLEASE)


I am still new to the world of BI and especially Etl Talend, I want to make a display of different data that is in my table between 2 dates that I specify as condition, and that it does not display all the data for all The dates using tMap, i tried to use DateDiff here my condition: TalendDate.diffDate (row4.declarele, '2017-07-20') <= 0 && TalendDate.diffDate (row4.resolule, '2017-07 -25 ')> = 0
But I have this message "Invalid Character Constant".

I do not know what method to use in order to have this data in return.

It's URGENT please.

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Re: Displaying data between 2 dates (URGENT PLEASE)

See answer to your other post


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