Difference between trestrequest and trestresponse

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Difference between trestrequest and trestresponse

Hi, I have used trest component, which is simply takes a api url and gives response. But what about trestrequest, When we pass the rest api url to get, then what it does ? Does it request and gives that request's response in another component which is trestrespone ? I'm confused here


In examples why txmlmap component are being used ?


Re: Difference between trestrequest and trestresponse

Hello Kate,

Have you already checked component references about:TalendHelpCenter:tRESTRequest and TalendHelpCenter:tRESTResponse?

tREST component in this framework is generally available. You can find it in talend open studio for Data Integration.

tRestRequest and tRestResponse component are relevant only when used with one of the Talend solutions with ESB, as it should be used with the Service Repository node and the Data Service creation related wizard(s).


The txmlmap component is used to transform and route data from single or multiple sources to single or multiple destinations, which is an advanced component fine-tuned for transforming and routing XML data flow (data of the Document type), especially when processing numerous XML data sources, with or without flat data to be joined. 

Here are related scenarios: TalendHelpCenter:Mapping and transforming XML data and TalendHelpCenter:Restructuring products data using multiple loop elements

Feel free to let us know if it is OK with you.

Best regards


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