Developing Custom Components

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Developing Custom Components

We want to develop some custom components.  However, I can't really find much documentation on how to do it.  I've found some tutorials on the internet, but they are little bit too basic, and don't really cover things like how to define input and output elements.  Is there any good documentation or any detailed tutorials on how to develop custom components?


The other strange thing is that under 6.4, the "Component Designer" menu item in Studio says "Deprecated".  If the Component Designer is deprecated, then how do you develop custom components.  Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Developing Custom Components

Also this of articles with detailed explainations

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Re: Developing Custom Components

I guess after looking around a bit, there really is no reason to develop an actual custom component unless I want to publish it and share it with the community.  It seems the tJava, tJavaFlex, and tJavaRow components will allow me to build in custom functionality that we need for our project.

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