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Deploying routes & services

Hi !
I want to deploy manually routes & services to Runtime_ESBE. I can't find the documentation. Any link will be much appreciated !
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Re: Deploying routes & services

Hi Christophe,
it's straight forward even so it might be still not obvious from our documentation. But from teh Studio you can export Routes & Data Services as 'kar' file esport (Export -> OSGI for ESB ). Once you have teh kar file of the Route or DataService you can just copy the file to the /deploy folder of a started Talend Runtime and the container will automatically detect this and install and start the route and data serives (it's quite similar which Tomcat does when you copy a 'war' file into the webapps folder. 
(P.S.: On the Enterprise ESB we have additionally the 'ESB Condcutor' which provides a graphical / web based deployment for Routes and Data Service ... but it's nothing wrong on using the deploy folder.)
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Re: Deploying routes & services

Ok, thanks. I was trying to deploy the bundle via install file:///....kar, which does not run. What disturbs me is the .kar, which is not a "true" OSGi bundle
There is no command from karaf runtime to deploy a .kar ?
I used to use TAC and ESB conductor, but I'm now on an "open source" based project.