Deploying a job jar causes the same error

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Deploying a job jar causes the same error

Hi All. 

   I am new to Talend. I am having an issue here. 

   I import a job into Talend, and then I edited its version and built it again. I uploaded the jar file to the maven repository. Then I called the job with the new version in the java code, I will get the error 

The hash is not initialized : The hash must exist before you read from it"

   I want to point it out is that I just edited the version and didn't touch the job itself at all. There is no any change made in the original job. After deploying the job jar in java, I will get this runtime exceptions. 


   Also if I do add a change, any change, it results the same error. 

   Or if I duplicate the job and change to another name, it results the same error. 

   Only the current version works fine,  therefore, I am not able to add any new component to job  as the job will fail on the same component no matter what. 

    I have been stuck for a couple of days. Can everyone  provide any suggestions or insights?


    Thank you so much. 


Re: Deploying a job jar causes the same error

can u share you job? Export the job and attached here.


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