Deploy ESB REST job

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Deploy ESB REST job

Are there any examples how to create rest web services with TOS for ESB and deploy it on some public web services server?
All examples I have are running on local host, but how to export it to public server as rest end-point?
Also, how to connect to TAC repository from TOS for ESB? In TOS DI Enterprise, when started it asks for local or remote repo, but with TOS for ESB, only 'local' option is available and there is no to add remote repository?
Do we need to buy Platform or is there Enterprise Studio for ESB?
Thank you very much.
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Re: Deploy ESB REST job

hi aleksb
you need to deploy the service you've built on the TESB Runtime. In reality - you export your service as .kar file and drop into the 'deploy' folder of the ESB runtime.
TAC seems to be part of the commercial Talend offering.
Have fun

Re: Deploy ESB REST job

Hi Aleksb,
Regarding: Also, how to connect to TAC repository from TOS for ESB?
TOS for ESB does not support the use of TAC (Remote/Shared Projects) you need to get to Talend Enterprise ESB or any of the Talend Platform products which includes ESB to use TAC and shared projects. 
Still a nice video on REST Service development with TOS for ESB is this one: 
(Even so it is recorded with an older version 5.0.2 it is still valid to explain the basic use of REST Data Services. You will also find a few other videos on REST Services on teh same Talend Channel on Youtube. Hope this helps you to explore the options you have with TOS for ESB to easily build REST Data Services. 
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Re: Deploy ESB REST job

Thank you for reply guys, that explains it. We have now enterprise version.

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