Denormalize data

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Denormalize data

I have read some articles on the tdenormalize component, but I don't think it does what I want.


Example input file:


ID Name Address     Email

1  Tony 49 Hill Rd

1  Tony 49 Hill Rd

1  Tony 49 Hill Rd


I want to convert this to:


ID Name Address     Email1             Email2              Email3

1  Tony 49 Hill Rd


There will be a max of three emails, but not all may be present so I need blanks in subsequent fields.


I can see that tdenormalize can put all three emails into a SINGLE column.  I don't want this.


Any ideas?








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Re: Denormalize data

Hi !

You can do it like this ! You must aggregate with group by on id/name/adress.
And use a list object for mail.
Then in your tMap you just get the element of your list.


Good luck,




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Re: Denormalize data

You may also have a look at tPivotToColumnsDelimited. Check this link for an explaination with an example very close to yours:
Hope this helps.