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Delta/CDC Load in Talend

Hi All,
I have searched the forum but please pardon my ignorance if this is a repeat question.
I am using Talend to ingest data from source (Oracle/Salesforce) in a dynamic job to load the data into HDFS.
One of the use case I am trying to implement is to be able to do delta loads. However, not all of my source tables have a date field like last updated ts available for us to use.
Has anyone performed delta loads in Talend for dynamic jobs without a source field like last updated ts to use? And if so how?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Re: Delta/CDC Load in Talend

In talend, here is a Change Data Capture( CDC )feature which will be available in Talend Subscription Version.
Please take a look at:TalendHelpCenter:CDC architectural overview to see if it is what you are looking for?
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