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Delete the empty last row in tfileoutputdelimted

I am writing a line by line using tFileoutputdelimited. In row separator i can specify the line feed i.e '\n'. It's working good to write the file upto the N-1 record. My problem is, I don't want an empty line after the last record.
2 records write into a file that contains 3 lines. the last line is an empty.  the reason is due to row separator '\n'.
I don't want the empty line in my file. If the record is 10 then the file line is also 10 only.
Is there any skip empty row option in fileoutputdelimted?
Thanks in advance

Re: Delete the empty last row in tfileoutputdelimted

If you read the file (tFileInputDelimited) just after completing your writing, the line count should be correct (2 rows, and no 3). 
Equally, if you put a tJava with System.out.println(((Integer)globalMap.get("tFileOutputDelimited_2_NB_LINE")));  you will have the right amount of lines.
 I don't think that the final "\n"  would cause any problem with the counting.