Delete HDFS File Based on Creation Date

Delete HDFS File Based on Creation Date

Good morning,
I'm attempting to delete files from a HDFS directory based on creation date.  I'm using something similar to the solution found here: 
My problem is rather than using tFileList/tFileDelete, I need to use tHDFSList/tHDFSDelete.  However tFilterRow does not connect to tHDFSDelete.
I'm somewhat of a novice in Talend, teaching myself little by little.  Any help or ideas on how I can change this flow to work is greatly appreciated!

Re: Delete HDFS File Based on Creation Date

The tfilterrow component requires an output component. Could you please try this work flow to see if it is Ok with you?
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Re: Delete HDFS File Based on Creation Date

If the output of tFilterRow is the list of files to delete, inserting a tFlowToIterate between it and tHDFSDelete should let you loop over the files and delete each one.

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