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Defining namespace for Loop element in tAdvancedFileOutputXML

Hi, yet another problem I'm having
I need an XML structure that looks like the image I uploaded with this post. (named XMLStructure)
But when I try to set the namespace for the "Item" element - which is also my loop element in Talend, I get this error:
Exception in component tAdvancedFileOutputXML_1
org.dom4j.IllegalAddException: No such namespace prefix: fnf_dk is in scope on: org.dom4j.tree.DefaultElement@1f6f296 />] so cannot add element: fnf_dk:Item
at org.dom4j.tree.AbstractElement.addElement(
at db_xml_export.dbtoxml_0_1.DBtoXML.tMysqlInput_2Process(
at db_xml_export.dbtoxml_0_1.DBtoXML.runJobInTOS(
at db_xml_export.dbtoxml_0_1.DBtoXML.main(
Job DBtoXML ended at 15:18 08/07/2008.
But if I add the namespace to the "Items" element instead, I generate an XML file, but it's not valid according to what I need. (named MyXML) (this is the only way I've been able to generate an XML file with namespaces at all)
How come I cannot place a namespace on anything lower in the heirarchy than the Items element? and how can I achieve this?
Regards JJM

Re: Defining namespace for Loop element in tAdvancedFileOutputXML

I have reporet 4552 on this problem.
Thanks for your support.