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I am trying to link eclipse with talend. Currently, I am able to perform the talend job through eclipse by having the in the src file. The consists of all the connection settings to connect to my database in postgres.
Can the file be located at an external locations instead so user will be able to modify the connection settings when they need to. Currently, when I remove the, the connection to the database failed.
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Re: in external location is exported with the job when you export it as an autonomous job (search for context folder in the generated archive file).
However you can decide to have a external context file in an other (more friendly) place.
In TOS go to Job tab, Extra, uncheck "Use project parameters", check "implicit tContextLoad", choose "from file", enter the filename, choose a field separator.
That's all.
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Re: in external location

Hi. I have tried your method but still unable to perform modification of database connection settings outside of talend.
Please help.