Debug without logging any single row?

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Debug without logging any single row?



Log4J level "debug" is very useful, for example to clearly see which request is performed by a tREST component, or see which query is executed by a DB component, but it also log hundreds of tousand or rows like:

[DEBUG]: part_kpi.part_fact_event_error_0_1.PART_Fact_Event_Error - tPostgresqlInput_1 - Retrieving the record 1767618.

that are absolutely useless, and are annoying alot.


How to switch off those kind of silly output?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Debug without logging any single row?

Those log messages are contained inside the component javajet templates. To change them, you would need to edit the appropriate javajet file and either remove the log line or set it on a different logging level. 


you can find the javajet templates inside: <studio>/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_<version>/components/




Re: Debug without logging any single row?

Log4J allows you to specify specific class.  You can tweak you log4j to log data going through specific class and thus limit how much logging is going.

Default out of the box, the debug is on the whole job. 


I will suggest investigating log4j configuration.


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