Dates are all NULL in Hive Table.

Hi.  I am new to Talend and learning / evaluating with the Open Studio.  I have a single node Hortonworks cluster (not the sandbox, actual cluster) and running Talend to try to implement a real use cases that I have.  All I am trying to do is read a table from MS Sql Server and write most of the columns to a Hive ORC table.
Based on my research, I found this to be a multi-step process:
1. Read the MS DB.
2. Write a text file to HDFS
3. Load the text file to a Hive text table.
4. Copy the Hive text file to an ORC table.
I have set up my Talend job to do those things.
After step 2, my text file contains exactly what I need.  I am using a semicolon delimited file and all of my data is there.
However, when I use the tHiveLoad component to load the text file into Hive, ALL of my date columns are now NULL.
I researched this online and found that according to this site (), Hive won't automatically convert between Date and Timestamp.
However, when I try to create my schema, the only option I have is Timestamp.  I am using the DB mapping of Hive for my Schema. The Hive date type is not there (see screen shot attached).  So, how do I get my dates into my Hive text table?


Re: Dates are all NULL in Hive Table.

Can you upload again the screenshots you wanted to show, please? For some reason it didn't make it to your post.
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