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Date format Mainframe

Hello. I'm having a problem with date type. I need to send a date (yyyy-MM-dd) to a DATE-type column on the mainframe and I'm not getting it, as Talend is generating the date in this format: Sat Jul 25 00:00:00 BRT 1953. I have tried in several ways, read String and send Date: TalendDate.parseDate ("yyyy-MM-dd", mycolumn), TalendDate.parseDateLocale ("yyyy-MM-dd", mycolumn, "EN"). In these cases The date is formatted as I said before: "Sat Jul 25 00:00:00 BRT 1953", even with the mask in the tMap of: "yyyy-MM-dd". The bank rejects and returns me the SQLCODE 180. I have already tried to read date and send String: TalendDate.formatDate ("yyyy-MM-dd", mycolumn). In this case the format stays as I want, but the database rejects with a SQLCODE 301. Is there any way for the DATE format field to be in the exact format of "yyyy-MM-dd"? Thank you
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Re: Date format Mainframe

The last formatDate expression is how you represent a date in yyyy-MM-dd format.  What component are you using to send the values to the mainframe and how is it configured?