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Date conversion from file to Cassandra

I ran into an issue when trying to insert a date from a csv file to Cassandra database.
When inserted into Cassandra, the date is changed to one day earlier (eg. 2015-11-09 -> 2015-11-08 23:00).
Even when I modify the timezone, it does not resolve my problem.
For now I artificially added one day with a routine but I am not sure that this issue will occur every time so it's not a viable solution.
Does someone have an answer, or can explain to me what is happening ?
Thank you

Re: Date conversion from file to Cassandra

Is your job a simple flow:tfileinputdelimited-->tCassandardOutput? What does the schema of tCassandardOutput look like? Does this issue repro on other build version?
More information will be helpful for us to address your issue.
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Re: Date conversion from file to Cassandra

Hello Sabrina,
Here are the screenshots that may help understand my situation.
The input date format is a string with the form "yyyy-MM-dd" mapped to a date with the same format. Passing it to Cassandra, the date loses 1 to 2 hours.
For example : 2013-12-07 becomes 2013-12-06 23:00:00+0000.
Thank you for your help