Date Handling

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Date Handling

I have file in Excel and I have some fields like the following:

Date,Name of event,Venue,Host

In the date filed  there are a lot anomalies, which i need to sort.

Some dates have the format as : 01-03 jan,2018

Some others have : 01 - 03jan,2018

some others have : 29 jan - 1feb, 2018 


What i want to do is separate the date into 2 fields : start date and end date . The number before the "-" will be start date and later will be the end date. How can i do so in talend


Re: Date Handling


From your description, the TalendHelpCenter:tExtractDelimitedFields component  will generate start date and end date columns from your date field.

and the "-" can be set as field separator.

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