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Database support deprecated for Data Mapper

We're working on a project that moves data from a few databases and will be moving data into a destination database with a very different schema. Since there's a fair amount of mapping involved, I was planning to use "Data Mapper" and then use a tHMap component in our Integration Job to call the map and process our data. However, I've noticed that when I connect to databases with Data Mapper, I get the following message:


Database support is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


Should I plan on not using Data Mapper for this project and stick to using SQL and standard tMap components?

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Re: Database support deprecated for Data Mapper

I cannot see any situation where using the DataMapper for this would give you ANY benefit whatsoever. Stick to the SQL components and tMap. They are far more logical, not a black box during development or when things go wrong (try looking at the code for the can't) and there is no latency during the job when the DataMapper has to fire up. Don't get me wrong, the DataMapper is great for XML and other formats similar, but for database tables it would just add complexity and latency that isn't necessary.

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