Data replication in real time (Access to Firebird)

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Data replication in real time (Access to Firebird)

I need to replicate the data of an Access database into a Firebird database in real time. I've already done a job that I run periodically using TOS that meets my needs in a not very convenient way using two tMaps to detect which rows are new and needs to be inserted, which rows doesn't exist anymore and needs to be delete, and which rows have been changed and needs to be updated.
I've heard about an interesting feature, the Change Data Capture, but it does not seems to support the databases I'm working with, according to the documentation.
What are my options to do that kind of stuff using TOS or any other Talend product ?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Data replication in real time (Access to Firebird)

So far, talend CDC feature is not available in Firebird database.
You have to compare tables to capture the changed data and only load these changed data into target table.
Feel free to create a new feature jira issue for your requirement(CDC on Firebird) on Talend Bug Tracker.

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