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Data multiplexing?

General inquiry about Talend capabilities. I have not been able to find this addressed in the manual or in the forums.
Basically, I have header records in my data, which then define how the subsequent records need to be interpreted/processed. Then, a new header record is encountered (in the same file), which then means that the following records have a different interpretation than the ones just processed. Some of the information in that header record needs to be "remembered" and placed in each subsequent output record. Not sure if this is what the manual refers to as "data multiplexing" (which isn't explained or given an example of).
Would appreciate a pointer to whether Talend can handle this common situation.
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Re: Data multiplexing?

Yes, I think it is possible with Talend. We need to read the first line header and parse it, extract the valuable information and pass dynamically it to the next subjob.
Can you give us an example of the file? What are your expected result?
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