Data Truncation on tMSSqlSCD

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Data Truncation on tMSSqlSCD

Hello Fellas,

right now im having a Problem with Data Truncation.
The error is obvious.. but im not able to locate it.

I checked the Mapper "tMap_1", if some length's are different.. can't find any. My Problem is, that i'm having over 150 Columns.

Is there any possibility to see the "true" error-message, WHAT Column may cause this Problem?

Like: "Data to long for Field "X".... So that i'm having a chance to fix it!

Thanks in advance



Re: Data Truncation on tMSSqlSCD


Could you please take a look at this related topic:

Please try to use tSchemaComplianceCheck component after tMap and before your tmssqlSCD component and then used reject link from tSchemaComplianceCheck component it will give you data truncation with column name and error code or you can link "Rejects" row from tMssqlSCD to check which column is rejected. 
Hope this will help you.

Best regards



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