Data Stewardship Console 6.3.1 - tStewardshipTaskOutput Url

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Data Stewardship Console 6.3.1 - tStewardshipTaskOutput Url

Our question is: which is the URL to be used in the tStewardshipTaskOutput component for uploading tasks to the Data Stewardship Console 6.3.1?
We have installed the Talend Data Stewardship Console 6.3.1 successfully and can also login to the user interface. A campaign with a data model was also created. So far so good.
Now we want to upload tasks with tStewardshipTaskOutput from the Data Studio. We have done this with 6.2.1 in the old version and this was working fine. It seems that the old URL for uploading tasks is not working. We are getting a 404 when we try to use the old URL (something like: ).
We suspect that the API to upload the tasks to the Data Stewardship console changed. We browsed also through the documentation provided (Talend Data Stewardship User Guide, Talend Data Stewardship Getting Started Guide), but could not find the URL for uploading tasks.
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Re: Data Stewardship Console 6.3.1 - tStewardshipTaskOutput Url

Just noticed on this one our error: in Talend 6.3.1 you need to use tDataStewardshipTaskOutput - a new component. We should not use tStewardshipTaskOutput with the new stewardship console.

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