Data Migration Netezza to Exadata

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Data Migration Netezza to Exadata

Hi Gurus,


As part of data migration, if I have to replace netezza components to oracle components. Eg: tNetezzaInput to tOracaleinput.


Please need some information on Netezza Components NOT compatible with Oracle Components. 

Eg: tNetezzaNZload we don't have option in Oracle components.


Also, please let us know if you have encountered any other issues during this process.


Thank You!!


Re: Data Migration Netezza to Exadata

Hi @Srigha ,


     Oracle and Netezza works in totally different way like the way of working on primary keys. So if you are planing for a migration, even though you are replacing a tNetezzaInput to tOracleInput, you need to see the data fetch and performance since the optimizer works in different ways in both DBs.


     In simple words, a Netezza specific operations in your code will not work in Oracle after migration. So unless your SQL is database neutral, you will have to do the testing of your flows for migration. There are no short cuts in it as it is DB specific constraints where Talend do not have any control.


Warm Regards,
Nikhil Thampi

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