Data Masking With Talend

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Data Masking With Talend

Hello guys,


I am evaluating Talend for a client that needs a ETL with data "de-identification" and I found this:


It seems to be an existent feature for Talend Data Fabric, but I could not find this "tDataMasking" anywhere.

Does anybody know if it is available on the Open Source versions and where I could find it?

And if it is not, do you guys think it is a good idea to create something that adds that functionality?


Thank you

Community Manager

Re: Data Masking With Talend

I believe the tDataMasking component is just supplied with the Enterprise Edition or Data Fabric. However, depending on how you want to mask your data, this would be really easy to implement using a bespoke routine. Routines are basically Java classes. This means you have the entire third party Java api world at your fingertips. 

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