Data Mapper - Running a Test Run

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Data Mapper - Running a Test Run




When editting a Mapper Map; and wanting to do a 'Test Run', if the segment you are wanting to view is referencing a context variable; it fires an error; because at design time; the context file and vars haven't been loaded.


Is there a way to load context vars for doing [Test Run] at design time?

I am familiar with using Database Other Set Path, and adding a Jar to access code routine functions; which is similar; but npt the same.


Any suggestions appreciated.


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Re: Data Mapper - Running a Test Run



I opened a case a few months ago to be able to enter context variables in mapper perspective so that we can test a map.


They opened a JIRA "Mapper Perspective needs access to set Context Variables so they are Testable within the Mapper Perspective" for it.


Reference is


I don't know what is the status as it is now private.