Data Extraction from AS400

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Data Extraction from AS400

Hi Team,

I am trying to extract data from AS400 db through TOS version 7.

The data present in db having CCSID code as 65535 and in HEXADECIMAL format.


Can anyone please suggest how to change CCSID code from Talend end so that proper data can be loaded to target.

Target is MySQL.


Any help is highly appreciated.


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Re: Data Extraction from AS400



    Please read the hexadecimal value as a string and in the tmap, use the below expression. 


Integer.parseInt("65535",16)                -> replace hard coded value with column from tinput component inside tmap.


   The above value was changed to 41509 after converting to integer.


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Nikhil Thampi

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Re: Data Extraction from AS400

Hi Nikhl,

Thanks for replying.

But the way you suggested is to convert 65535 to integer.

But 65535 is not a value. It is the CCSID code which is used to encode the data in AS400 db.

Sample input and needed output is mentioned below.

Input: D9E3

Output: RT

The mentioned input is the data present in AS400, and the mentioned output is the data should be loaded for the same input in MySQL.