DTAUS / SEPA component

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DTAUS / SEPA component

Hi everybody,
i'm looking for a DTAUS (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DTAUS - sorry, only german version) output writer, there are a lot (more or less useful) libs out there.
about DTAUS (short version):
- a text based format for money transfers used by german banks
- fixed length fields / header fields / checksums in footer
- used since 1976
- will be replaced by SEPA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_Euro_Payments_Area) in 2009 - 201x ?!
so, now i'm looking for a quick solution for DTAUS and a longterm SEPA solution.
We may be in the position offering a bounty for a quick DTAUS solution which is GPL licensed (and integrated into Talend Open Studio)
anyone? Smiley Happy
feel free contacting me via PM
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Re: DTAUS / SEPA component

Hello Roland,
did you find a solution? The last time I took a look at the DTAUS structure is long ago. But I think it would be possible to create this with the existing components. In three steps (creating the transfers and then the header and the footer with the checksum).
Additional if you have a java library it may be possible to call this in a tJavaFlex.
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Re: DTAUS / SEPA component

Has somebody worked on SEPA and EBICS functionality for TALEND ?

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