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DI-Component tJMSInput

Dear Sir or Madam!
Talend DI with Talend Open Studio provides the tJMSInput component. The problem is that the message
inside the JMS queue is not removed immediately by tJMSInput, instead that message is removed when
the whole job and its sub jobs are completly finished. However when any runtime exceptions occur that
message is still inside the JMS queue. Regarding to our requirements that behaviour is not what we need.
Could you please give us some hints to fulfill such requirements?
Kind regards
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Re: DI-Component tJMSInput

This is an issue with the way that the component is designed and implements the commit. The component assumes that the job will open a connection, read a message, then close the connection. However, when a job is set up as a service and processes multiple messages, then the job needs to do a commit after each message is processed.
I gave Talend the fix for tMomInput a few years ago, but it looks like Talend did not implement the code in tJMSInput - only in tMomInput. Can you use the tMomInput instead of tJMSInput? tMomInput has a check box for "Commit (delete message after read from queue).
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Re: DI-Component tJMSInput

wrlawton, many thanks! Your explanation helps to gain a more deeper understanding. Thanks a lot!