Custome build directory

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Custome build directory

Hi all,


I'm trying to figure out how to configure  custom directory for building jobs. My purpose would be if you right-click a job, then "build" the default directory be :




It would be very cool because i have to much jobs and its very long to search each time the good directory (without making a human mistake ....).


First question is so : can we configure a directory ?

second one is : if we can configure directory, can we put a variable name jobName for example (or context, globalvar or what ever)


I did search on google, i found things on Maven but didn't really understood if that was my solution.


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Re: Custome build directory


So far, it's not possible to configure custom directory for building jobs. You have to specify a directory where you want to save your job script file.

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Re: Custome build directory


I could agree with you but, i have different kind of devices using the studio (my own laptop on ubuntu, a server win2012, a computer win7 etc....) On the server, when i try to build, it put automaticaly the last directory i used. So i can see that this is configurable somewhere...
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