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Custom Logging

I am trying to do a number of things with logging out of my Java Talend job.
One of the particular things I would like to do is be able to use my standard file. I have tried to import it both as stand-alone and within a jar file via the tLibraryLoad component. It doesn't seem to be recognized at all... output is not landing int he file or smtp appenders that I would expect from my configuration file.
Is it possible to do this? One of my goals is to use a Log4j Logger within tJava and tWebServiceInput component code windows. I was trying something in which I caught the exception, logged it using my standard, and then threw the exception again so that Talend could continue processing it.
Perhaps I am on the wrong track.... feedback welcomed.
I have also trued tDie and tLogCatcher, but that does not consistently do what I want. I was piping the output of tLogCatcher to tSendMail, but that didn't even get executed when I exported the job as a web service, so that's not what I'm after....
Many people have to be in this position - maybe not specifically - but we have standard logging configurations we use for deployments, and we don't want to deviate from those because of a particular tool. I'd love to find a way to plugin my into Talend...
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Re: Custom Logging

have a look at exchange talend component or this one
hope could help you
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Re: Custom Logging

Thanks - I'll have a look at the Exchange. Definitely some options there.
I think also based on that if I just use routines for the code-driven parts of the job, perhaps I won't have the same limitations there as I do in the designer with components?
I'll give them both a shot.