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Creation of Teradata Temp tables prior to tTeradataInput

Does anyone know of a way to run preliminary SQL statements against Teradata prior to running the main SELECT statement via tTeradataInput.
My environment is this: Oracle Data Mart built from multiple source systems, one of which is an extremely large Teradata installation. Extracts are run against Teradata on a daily basis to retrieve the necessary data. Because the TD data warehouse tables are so large (many over 1 TB in size), it is not reasonable or logical to try and dowload the data into a local environment for the initial processing. In order to pare down the data and make use of the processing capacity of Teradata, I am doing much of the processing on that platform. This involves the creation and use of Volatile tables, Global Temporary tables and numerous INSERT and UPDATE statements to prepare the data for download. Both of these types of tables are instantiated within a database session and drop when the session ends.
The problems I have encountered are these:
a) How do a create a multi-step process from Talend which will allow me to create, insert & update these temporary tables? Essentially, I need to run a script containing all of the preliminary SQL statements.
b) Assuming problem A can be resolved, how do I maintain the same database session throughout all of those steps as well as the tTeradataInput step?
Limitations: Our Teradata environment does not allow for the creation of physical tables in perm space.
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Re: Creation of Teradata Temp tables prior to tTeradataInput

I errantly omitted some information.
TOS Version: 2.4.2, Java
Teradata Connection: JDBC