Creating test cases for Talend Jobs

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Creating test cases for Talend Jobs

We are trying to create test cases for Talend jobs. We want to know the maintenance overhead of the created test cases. Please provide suggestions on best practices for creating test cases.


Re: Creating test cases for Talend Jobs


Could  you please take a look at this document about:How+to+create+a+test+case to see if it is what you are looking for?

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Re: Creating test cases for Talend Jobs



I am using Talend 6.4

while I am trying to create a simple test case for tmap and taggregate component which take simple employee and Department data from 2 text files , I have noticed that the generated test case job didnt pass the parameters of the 2 input files. instead it use the defaults values for the properties Header and Fieled Separator which are 0 and ';'.

Is that a bug or I have to do perfrom extra steps inorder to pass the inputfiles parameters.




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