Creating Active Directory accounts with tLDAPOutput component

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Creating Active Directory accounts with tLDAPOutput component

I tried to create a job that read new user accounts information from a CSV file and create those accounts in Active Dirtectory, but it didn't work. The job ran without any error but the accounts didn't get created in AD.
I set value for the following AD attributes using a tMap component :
- cn = firstName + " " + lastName
- givenName = firstName
- sn = lastName
- objectClass = "top;person;organizationalPerson;user"
- uid = username
- sAMAccountName = username
- userPrincipalName = username + "@" + domainQualifiedName
I assume that using LDAP connection would be OK since I did not set any password. If I would have set password, I would need a LDAP/S connection. So, I didn't try to run the job over a LDAP/S connection yet.
Did someone has already achieved that kind of operations in Talend ?
I already did with Java code using JNDI but I didn't using the Talend tLDAPOutput component.
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Re: Creating Active Directory accounts with tLDAPOutput component

According to our test (see example attached):
- dn: "cn= ..."
- objectClass: "user"
- mail: email address
- sn: lastName
- cn: firstName + " " + lastName
- sAMAccountName: username or lastname or ...

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