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Create one file for each database result. Suggestions


What I have to do:
Get all records from my database table "CFE".
Create a file for each of the results of my table.
The name of each file will be different, it is composed of two variables that are obtained from the row of the query.
The file is an XML, so I need a tMap component to organize the data output.

In this example, it is not included, but you may need to have different XML structures, just add another tMap output.

I created an example without the connection to the database, so you can try it. Attached.

I would like to know if there is any way to make it easier or if I am commenting on a design error.




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Re: Create one file for each database result. Suggestions


I just have a small question about your data, are TipoCFE+CFEId unique key in each record? Does it exist several records with the same ipoCFE+CFEId? if yes, the generated file will be overwritten by the new record.




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