Create log file in Talend Open Studio

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Create log file in Talend Open Studio



I am very new to Talend. I have designed one job to get excel files from folder, read the file and insert the data into the Database table. If file is processed successfully then move the file into 'Archive' folder and if at any stage error occurs while processing the file then move that file into 'Error' folder.

Now, I am trying to track the errors. I want to create a 'log' file when I finished my job. so that I can track the error. Also, I want to print date and filename in the log.

I will really appreciate if anyone can help me on that.

Below are the screen shots of my job.

(Note: I am using Talend open studio for Data Integration: 7.0.1)


- Poonam

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Re: Create log file in Talend Open Studio

Have a look to tLogCatcher & tWarn to construct your logfile.
You should also consider to connect your tMSSQLOutput to your logfile using the reject connector if you want details regarding which records failed and the reason why.

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Re: Create log file in Talend Open Studio

hi poonam,

i hope @TRF  answered the question tlogCatcher and tStatCatcher components can catch both the logs and statistics of a talend job and store them in to a preferred lfs location. If your requirement was to save the console logs also, then  check this link


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