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Create a Json and send to BigQuery as a nested fields


I'm trying to create the following flow:

1. Read from 3 DB tables and join them  (Done)

2. Create from the DB data a JSON field (using tWriteJSONField) - Done

3. Send the results to other DB (Big Query) in the following format: column 1: string, column 2: JSON

For example:

tWriteJSONField output is many JSONs string as the following:  (url is the loop element).




I need the final format to be as the follow:

"", {"id":"3","type":"28","sub_type":"3","exp":[],"or":"3","date":"19-05-2015","num":[]}} 


According to the scheme I defined in tWriteJSONField , the JSON string appears in the column "url" and the rest are null / 0:  |0 |null|null    |null|null|null|null|null       |


How can I define the JSON scheme that will generate only the "url" and the JSON string?


Screenshots are attached.