Create JSON structure with multiple values

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Create JSON structure with multiple values

Hi, I need help with creating JSON structure. I need to get it look like this:

"dps":[ { "x":1485801000000, "y":[ 37.22, 37.37, 36.64, 36.82 ] }, { "x":1485714600000, "y":[ 37.74, 37.84, 37.33, 37.42 ] }, { "x":1485455400000, "y":[ 38.0, 38.45, 37.81, 37.98 ] }

 It means that there is one loop called "dps" containing array of data. Each part of this loop cantains two elements x and y. X has single value, but Y has multiple values (array).


This is how my input data looks like:




My x value is in the first column of each row. Y values are stored in other four columns. I tried almost everything with tWriteJsonField but no success came out.


Does anyone have an idea how to deal with it?

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Re: Create JSON structure with multiple values


Could you please take a look at this webpage:

Here is a related topic:

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