Cratedb connector

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Cratedb connector

Hi Team,

I am using Talend 6.3.1.

I am looking for cratedb connector.  My db source is cratedb (


Please let me know is it possible to connect cratedb data from Talend. 



Prabhu Ch

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Re: Cratedb connector



To my knowledge, there is no (not yet) crateDB connector available out of the box with Talend products neither from Talend Exchange.

However, you should may access to crateDB using JDBC connection or Rest API.

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Re: Cratedb connector

You can use JDBC drivers from Crate and tJDBCinput (output and etc) components


Last time when I make jobs with CrateDB it was not looking like production, but all changes, so may be current version is more stable





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